Sienna Ventures, is a California-based venture capital firm with three decades of experience.


SIENNA VENTURES based in Silicon Valley, California with an additional office in New York City is a venture capital firm specializing in seed and start-up investments. We are dedicated to forming beneficial partnerships with high growth, capital efficient companies in sectors ranging from consumer and retail to business services and financial services, all with an eye to supporting portfolio companies whose technology provides sustainable advantages.

At Sienna Ventures, our primary focus is on companies providing software, medical technology, wireless communications, Internet infrastructure, cloud computing, ecommerce and networking with the early financing that they need to go forward confidently and make a real difference. We believe that by making it as easy as possible for these innovators to do their job, we create maximum value for all involved. We also partner with other investors including private equity firms to provide growth capital for a wide range of mid-sized companies as a minority investor.

The entrepreneurs with whom we work are generally seeking investments of between $5 million and $25 million, but beyond that they are looking for expertise that leads to tangible, meaningful results. We provide more than funding: we deliver exceptional additional value through the insights we are able to share, and in our guidance through both the good times and the bad. When difficult decisions need to be made and unexpected challenges arise, that is often when Sienna Ventures makes its most valuable contributions. We serve as key advisors, ensuring that industry best practices are communicated and adhered to, providing the wisdom and perspective that comes from years of experience within the industry, and offering desirable business connections that provide long-lasting benefit.

Sienna Ventures has an extensive history of successfully funding over 50 businesses. We strongly believe in the companies within our portfolio. It is our role to provide start-up and seed money that gives entrepreneurs the freedom to choose their own path, while still giving them the benefit of forging alliances, recruiting management, refining business strategy and attracting capital. We are proud of our role in facilitating the ability to achieve long-term growth for new and emerging businesses.


At Sienna Ventures, our focus is on aligning ourselves with entrepreneurs who are poised to make a real difference. We specifically target high growth, capital efficient companies providing a wide range of services in which innovative applications of technology provide real and lasting benefits.

When considering companies for investment, our approach is both measured and enthusiastic. Our vision goes beyond mere potential and profits: we want to be certain that the companies that we select for our portfolio have the traits that match our values and long-term goals.

Since its formation, Sienna Ventures has provided much-needed capital to a diverse group of pioneering companies in consumer, retail, communications, financial services and business services sectors.


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